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About Me

My Story

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a knit and crochet pattern designer living in New Zealand. My lovely Mum taught me how to knit at a very early age, with her never-ending capacity for patience and guidance.

A few years ago I decided to beat my mental block with crochet – it had always been in the ‘too hard’ basket for me, but I had seen a gorgeous pattern for a shawl which I simply HAD to make – and it was a crochet pattern. I was on a mission. I sat myself down with a book from the library and taught myself how to crochet. Was it all plain sailing? No, not at all, but after a while, it just ‘clicked’ for me and I now enjoy crochet just as much as knitting.


One thing that had always baffled me was why knit, and crochet patterns had to be so complicated for new knitters and crocheters – it’s like having to learn a whole new language! It was for this reason that I decided to write all of my knit and crochet patterns in a straightforward way to make them understandable and workable by everyone, no matter how little or how much experience they have.

I am always thrilled when I hear from customers who have created something from one of my patterns, especially if they had doubted their abilities beforehand. It is incredibly heart-warming and gratifying for me and is what keeps me motivated to keep these beautiful crafts alive and growing.

Sarah x